addam (addambombb) wrote in 413core,

the Wicked party!

This friday the Wicked party explodes into June! Djs addambombb and Znuh are going to blow up some Wicked sh*t, and you are going to have a Wicked Blast!!! Forget the roof, we're going to blow the walls off the place - and Blast off into outer space!!!

upcoming :
It's going to be a hot summer at the Wicked party!!!

03.june.11 : Blast!
10.june.11 : Thrust!
17.june.11 : Blaze!
24.june.11 : Splash!

The Basement is located at 21 Center St in Northampton, Ma - it's right in the middle of town, in the back of the building next to the police station. It's not well marked at all! There's construction going on in the parking lot, but plenty of parking on Gothic St and in the public lot half a block from the venue.
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